Angel’s Envy – Bourbon, batch 3J (43.3%)

Readership GraphReadership is up!!! I must be doing something right… that or Bolivia-Bot told all his friends about my page and there’s a spider party going on. Maybe I’m helping to predict the future. Maybe people are waiting for me to have some kind of legendary, Jason Russel-style mental breakdown. Then again, maybe people are just lost and aimlessly wandering here by accident in greater numbers than ever. If I had to guess, I would go with F.) all of the above.

Either way, I recently reviewed a sample bottle of Bourbon sent to me by the folks down at Angel’s Envy, but I’ve noticed some variation so I thought I’d flush out my illustration of this brand a little bit and post my thoughts on at least one more batch. This is an awesome brand and I’m very interested to see what’s coming down the pipeline next.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a bright future for my home state of Connecticut. Angel’s Envy’s rye skipped over the entire state. Their targeted distribution for smaller releases takes aim at much more lucrative markets. They wouldn’t even send me a sample of the rye because they weren’t marketing to my neighbors, despite the majority of my readership being from New York or California at the moment. What kind of evil bastards would make whisky so delicious and then put it just out of reach? Gah!

Angel's Envy modelYou can guess which direction a brand named Angel’s Envy would take their obligatory, sex-sells advertising campaign in; they travel with ladies dressed as Angels, of course. But I would think a group of angels celebrating the sin of envy would be much more insidious. They would not be the happy, white-clad, Victoria’s Secret models the likes of which Christians hope will greet them at the pearly gates. No, these would more likely be dark, fallen animations filled with rage and contempt for mortality, the type of beings you make soul-surrendering deals with in exchange for infinite power (or blog readership). In that respect, I think envious angels would probably be more like help desk technicians, but I don’t want to drink with the asshole over at AT&T Thailand who can’t resolve my broken router after a two hour phone call, so… um. Well-played, Angel’s Envy marketing department. Well-played.

Nose: Pink Starburst candies. Honey, dried apricots and sweet, sweet malt. Ceylon cinnamon? No… that’s not quite right; something halfway between that and cloves finished in a brand new bowling shoe filled with pear peels and tangerine zest. The fruit winds down after a bit and it becomes slightly oily, like white birch bark.

Palate: Pink Starburst and banana Laffy Taffy over hot waffles. Spicy like the cinnamon/clove hybrid from the nose. Sweetly woody, like a barrel aged pear cider. Fruit vapors flirt with vanilla and black pepper in the finish where the Bourbon really starts to pull through. Like the nose, the palate’s fruitiness tempers itself after a bit and lets some more wood and mint loose.

Rating: Highly RecommendWhile this is small batch, variable stuff, I can’t imagine there being a completely awful bottle of this floating around anywhere, and this specific batch is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.

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