Angel’s Envy – Rye (50%)

Angels Envy RyePeople seem to either love this one or get creeped out by it. I think the latter of the two approaches this as a traditional rye, expecting lots of pickling spice and caraway, and can’t see past the category. It reminds me of the year I spent temping for a payroll office…

I was a lowly envelope-stuffer, one of two guys in the entire building; the other gentleman was the company accountant and spent most of his time flirting with several of the younger ladies. He spent so much time trying to get them to hang out with him that it became a daily source of entertainment for me. What ludicrous invitation would he extend today? How many bad jokes? Will there be a poorly executed magic trick? How about some embarrassing dancing? All his advances were failures except for one glorious day when one of the ladies actually invited him, quite seductively, to go camping with her and a few of the others, to which he replied, “Are you kidding? I’m a fucking accountant! I don’t camp.”

What an idiot!!!

This is not a rye. This is rye finished in ex-rum casks which began as French cognac casks. Consider it a boutique whisky before you think of it as rye, because it is not at all what you’re imagining, right now. There’s a lot of think tank style cask-management happening here. Pre-conceptions be damned, this is whisky that changes people who hate whisky into people who inspire me to lock my cabinet when they visit. It’s a delicious testament to science… or black magic. If you want good whisky, don’t be a dunce and spoil it with your prejudgement. Tent-lovin’ is some of the best lovin’ around, especially for uptight accountants who try too hard.

Tent LovinThis whisky is in extremely short supply and Angel’s Envy released this one to just over a dozen states, the best-selling markets, so there’s a good chance that, for you, this review may be in vain. Don’t ask me to trade a sample either… I’m hoarding this stuff all for myself. After having a few sips on the Whisky Guild cruise in Boston, I drove an hour and a half to find somewhere that sold it, bought two bottles, and I’m starting to think I should have bought more.

Nose: Perhaps the sweetest, nuttiest whisky I’ve ever had. A shock of eggnog and gingerbread houses leveled by an atomic blast of graham crackers and masa harina with lots of raisin shrapnel. Christmas. Molasses and brown sugar lord over rum, bruleed banana and almond brittle. The caraway is hiding out.

Palate: Hot gingerbread cookies dominate with cinnamon and nutmeg. Rum soaked tangerines, cumin, and a touch of leather. Hazelnuts. The faintest trace of smoke, Raisin Bran and, after a few glasses, creamy tomato sauce in the finish.

Rating: RecommendedIf you’re looking for something delicious to munch on while indulging, I would make some duck fat caramel to drizzle over some green apple slices. Cheers!!!

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