Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert

Canadian Whisky The Portable ExpertCanadian whisky definitely gets a bad rap. It’s partly due to its scarcity outside of its native borders, though the dominant tides it swims against are ignorance and preconception. The people who turn to Canadian whisky from Scottish or American styles don’t find a familiar spirit. It is it’s own distinct style.

While there are books that have touched on the subject before, none have been quite as visible or taken on such a wide and in-depth scope as Davin de Kergommeaux‘s latest book, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert.

The book contests many of the myths surrounding Canada’s whisky and provides a detailed history of the industry. It features an extensive set of tasting notes scattered throughout the chapters and lays a strong foundation for understanding Canadian whisky as a style. This should be mandatory reading for anyone who loves whisky.

This isn’t hollow praise, either; I own two copies, myself. I bought one right when it came out and another a few months ago at a book-signing. It’s a  shame to see two copies resting on my shelf, so to make room I’ve decided to hold a contest! Grand Prize: a free copy of Davin’s book!

To enter, just name the fictional band pictured below or leave a short comment about seeing them in concert. Leave your entry in the comments.

Rock Chicken
On November 22nd, I’ll pick one name out of a hat and announce the winner on this page. One entry per person and don’t forget to leave your email so I can notify you directly and find out where to mail your prize. All email addresses are private and won’t be shared or used for anything other than participation in this contest. Cheers!

9 thoughts on “Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert

  1. village vintner

    If I took a taste test of whiskeys from these two countries, I don’t think I’d be able to taste the difference. Both are smoother than Scotch or bourbon and don’t have as much burn. So which do you prefer? What’s your favorite brand?

  2. Shane Post author

    So I wrote down everyone’s name, assigned each one a number and let a random number generator do my dirty work. Congratulations DaveU!!! You should be getting an email from me shortly. Cheers and thanks to everybody who participated!

  3. village vintner


    I don’t have a lot of money and like to try new Scotch, whiskey, bourbon when I get a chance. I recently bought a bottle of Canadian whiskey called “LTD”.
    I can’t drink it and find it awful. I love cheapo “Old crow” bourbon or bottom shelf scotch, does that mean that I might not like Canadian whiskeys in general or is that LTD just not good?
    No need to recommend 12, 15 or older aged bottles, I do understand they will be better than LTD or old crow bourbon, I am just speaking low range today.

    Thanks to enlighten me and recommend one or two other affordable Canadian whiskeys found in the USA


    1. Shane Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      If you’re on a budget, Canadian whisky is an easy one to explore. Overall, they tend to be more affordable than US whiskies. LTD is definitely terrible, though. Most of the Canadian stuff that gets exported here seems like it ends up being the stuff that Canadians don’t want to drink themselves. I would recommend trying to find anything by Forty Creek. They’re making some nice stuff nowadays. J.P. Wiser’s makes some good whisky, too. Both can be found for $20 or less and are better at showcasing the true Canadian style. If you ask a well-stocked liquor store they shouldn’t have a hard time ordering them for you.



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