Exclusive Malts – Dailuaine – 1992 21yr (51%)

Exclusive-Malts-DailuaineI had never heard of Dailuinane before this. Is that how you spell it? Duailanine? Dual-a-nine? Dail-a-ride? Dale, YOU in? Meh, whatever… and there’s not a whole lot of interesting information about them out there, either. Sometimes I get a little disenchanted with the lack of information I get with samples like this, so instead of wearing myself out I’m going to tell you a rambling story about the most inane part of the last 36 hours of my life:

I have terrible insomnia, so I try to rotate which sleep aid I use during particularly bad bouts of it, in the hopes that I won’t grow a tolerance to the drugs that actually work. Yesterday I was buying laundry detergent at Target and saw a pack of ZzzQuil. I love NyQuil and was kind of hoping it was as good at putting me to sleep but without the trippy stuff in it so I wouldn’t feel like a zombie the next day. Well, it turns out ZzzQuil is just a small dose of Benadryl, which makes me sleepy when I have to drive long distances or listen to my grandmother’s friends talk about church, but not when I’m lying in bed at night thinking of all the opportunities I had to say witty things I couldn’t think of at the time. So anyways, ZzzQuil sucks and I only got to sleep for three hours last night. But this morning, right around 10:00, I suddenly got really sleepy again. Like more sleepy than when I took the Benadryl the night before. So I came to this conclusion: I need to take ZzzQuil approximately 13 hours before I need to go to sleep. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it worked out.

Nose: Hints of wheat whisky, half a can of Lemon Pledge sprayed on an overgrown lawn and, in the distance, some gingerbread. Slightly masculine, yet floral. Rich malt. Ground fennel seed, cultured butter and highly-polished wood paneling. Clove and citrus pith. Sawdust and cocoa powder mixed 4:1. Those vanilla wafer cookies, no, not Nilla wafers, the crispy ones that looked like layered pizzelles filled with vanilla creme.

Palate: Beeswax, fennel seed, Oreo creme and orange rind. A little oil and a tad soapy. Surprisingly spiced but a tad woody after a few sips. Candied ginger and nutmeg give way to a lager-y finish with lingering clove. Murphy’s Oil starts to creep in after the last few drops are gone.

Rating: RecommendedThere are so many other amazing Exclusive Malt releases I would recommend before this, though it is certainly a unique single malt and  definitely delicious.

Thank you to Katia over at Impex Beverages for the sample!

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