Redbreast – 15 year (46%)

I always take samples whenever I buy a bottle I haven’t tried before. One of the benefits of this strategy is that should you buy the next expression after the first one is gone you can still try them side by side. This way memory has a harder time tainting the reality of your senses. It’s like taking before and after pictures.

There’s a war going on in the world of Redbreast. I can’t explain it. A lot of people love the 12 year release more and a lot of other folks really dig the 15 year more. After trying the standard 12 year, 12 year cask strength and 15 year side by side, I find my original notion that I loved the regular 12 the most to be wrong (I actually lean more toward the Cask Strength 12), but I still like the standard 12 just a little more than the 15… not that the 15 is anything to turn your nose up to, it’s just a little darker and heavier while at the moment I prefer a lighter fruit in my whisky. It’s a very close call either way.

Nose: The aroma profile is heavier than the 12 or Cask Strength; both are much lighter, brighter whiskies thought this is not without its lighter side, hidden in some green apple notes. Berries and polished leather. The abundant grassy notes lean more towards hay here. I almost thought I smelled a buttery note, but the birthday cake turned to a very mellow, almost boring, vanilla.

Palate: Caramel apples in the first notes. Grassy finish. Deeper and a little darker. Malty. Kumquats. They all have nice bodies, but this is the nicest of the three; It’s like a Werther’s Original caramel dissolving in your mouth. Mouth-watering.

Deep red and keeping the dream alive!

Rating: Recommended

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