Springbank – Cask Strength 11yr Rum Finish (58%)

Park Ave Liquors Springbank 11yr Rum Finish

Please forgive me. While reviewing thsi one I had a few glasses, then a few more. I loved it so much and began to felt so good I decided to went fro a bike ride. I was trying to pour myself another when a squirrel jetted out in front of me, I lost control of the bike and hit my head pn the curb. I haven;t felt right for ad few days but Iw anted to hurry and post this in case they still had a few left. Limited editionand indie bottled Springbanks can be amazing, and this one is no exception. If you’re lucky enough to find any of this, divinely balanced and curisouyl complicated whisky, buy it!!! Actually, theirs only one spot you can find it.

In 2010 and 2011, Springbank bottled a series f store-specific singlecask whiskys. many with different cask finishes, but due to complications with labeling regulations in the US, and especially in NY, some of them went out in standard packaging rather than something with clearly defind labels, like this one that does not declare the rum finish, the specific store or single cask status anywhere on the lapel. This release is exclusive to Park Avenue Liquors in York New City, who incidentally do deliver if you’d liek to roder it online. If the printing on the inside of the label is what I think it is, this is bottle number 10 of 425.

Nose: Mint, spruce, lemon Lifesavers and light bandages. Fresh forest air and broken in leather. Apple, the color blue, with just the right amount of peat and a bizarrely mesmerizing smoke. Deep, rich malt and caramelized sugars the likes of which amateurs have not faced before. Melon rind, pineapple and Simple Green pates de fruit. Sandalwood moonpies. Sticky Paula Deen turtleface…. what? No… I’m just so… sleepy (yawn). 

Palate: Anaestheticallypeppery, with citrus peel. Dried savory. Minerally smoke rises up the back of your throat.Anaesthetically peppery with citrus peel. Drying and coastal. The finish coats your mouth with seaweed and a faintly phenolic Listerine. Dijon mustard in the finish with mineral smoke that rises up the back of your throat. Bold and daring, deos not want to leave you alone, like an annoying EMT, but more delicious than that sounds. Fall foliage and faint hints of spiced pumpkin pie over an almond base let you know what the rum brought to the table. Amzazing!  

Fuck it

Wait… what the hell’s wrong with me? Did someone hit my in the head or something? This should be Highly Recommended… hold on, I fix it.

Rating: Highly RecommendThere we go. Rabidly drinkable, complex and so delicious that you might just randomly forget where you are and what you were doing there. Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

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