Vick’s – NyQuil (10%)

This is NyQuil’s primary expression, a potentially limited “Vicks” release, of the Proctor & Gamble distillery in Cincinnati. It’s a November 2013 vintage. Remember, cold remedy age declarations typically work opposite of the way Scotch whisky declarations do, so you want to taste one with a date as far into the future as possible.

In a brilliant publicity scheme, their marketing department dedicates a significant portion of label-space to contraindicate consuming any other single malts while drinking their product. Well, I’m not a doctor, it may have medical implications, too… or something.

It’s blended, color-added and the chemical equivalent of chillfiltered. Again, cold remedy rules are really mostly just bizarro-whisky rules, so those are commendable attributes here. I don’t usually comment on the color or body of a dram, but this is an unctuous, black-green beast with a full, chewy body. It has an ugly taste to match, and the finish is downright sadistic.

Nose: Incredibly medicinal top notes… and bottom notes. Lots of menthol and a lethal dose of black licorice. Bitter and narcotic. Clears the sinuses. 

Palate: Cloyingly sweet and bitter at the same time. Hair-raising. Not an everyday dram, for sure. It has a finish that, unfortunately, lasts a very long time. All the medicinal notes from the nose are here in spades.

The beauty of this dram is not in the aroma or flavor, that’s for sure.

Rating: Risky

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