Whisky Jewbilee 2013:
now with discount codes!!!

It’s coming… Whisky Jewbilee 2013 is coming and you should definitely go. Screw your day job, call in sick and get your ass to Mt.Kisco, New York on October 9th or New York City on October 10th. Have you ever tried to taste 200 whiskies in 3 hours?!? It’s much more difficult than you think but twice as exciting. For $110 this is a stupid-awesome deal. Seriously, the last time I accidentally spent that at the bar it wasn’t nearly this gratifying and the quality of drinks barely qualified as drinkable. At the Jewbilee you could totally snob-out and only drink 20 year old whiskies you find, and you would still get your money’s worth while experiencing a wide array of delicious whiskies.

Whisky Jewbilee NYC

The number is growing all the time but, at the moment, almost 50 different brands have committed to sharing their wares, including one of my favorites, The Creative Whisky Company (Exclusive Malts). There will be over 200 bottles of Scotch, Japanese, American, cask strength, standard line-ups, limited editions and more! For those of you who have never been to an event like this, now is your chance. Also, for any of you I’ve managed to alienate here on my blog, now’s the perfect chance to tell me what a douche I am in person. Huzzah!

Best yet, the Jewish Whisky Company was kind enough to give me a discount code for my readers. Just enter H2DW13 (all caps) in the promo code box and get 10% off your ticket. That’s $11 off!!! I can’t stress just how awesome a deal this is. Even beyond the whisky itself, this is a great opportunity to meet a host of local area bloggers, brand ambassadors, and lots of other whisky royalty. If you don’t make it, you can be sure I’m going to rub it in with lots of pictures of all the cask-aged debauchery here on the blog.

Get your ticket for the Mount Kisco event here or New York City here, and be sure to stay abreast of all the details on their website.

See you there!

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