Westland – Peated Whiskey (46%)

How is there ever a line at Chick-fil-A?! There are only, like, three things on the menu. It’s so simple, those bible school dropouts manning the drive through should be shooting them out of fucking cannons. Nope! 30 minutes for a sandwich and half the time it still ends up being soggy even though you clearly waited for them to finish murdering and feathering the chicken to feed you a fresh patty. Assholes!

Really, that’s what I get for planing my day so poorly that I need to quench my morning hangry with fast food. I’m usually super early to all my commitments. In that respect. I guess it’s fortuitous that I was running late last week, because I realized something: Chick-fil-A and whisky are a home run. Even the occasional, inevitable, soggy-because-I-was-made-by-human-garbage sandwiches are pretty good when you’re chasing them down with a belt of whisky. It’s like a reverse pickleback. Try it!



This one ain’t bad!


Nose: The first time I tried Westland someone poured it for me blind. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and was thoroughly convinced it was a Scotch. This nose here is no different. Very nutty, a little peaty, whiffs of ocean and dusty barnboard. Very¬†Scottish but with a strange, romantic note that it’s hard to put my finger on; a secret ingredient, like fish sauce, that changes the dynamic of the flavor without letting on to the source.

Rating: Recommended

Palate: It’s got all the coffee and roasty malts that the American Whisky has, but the youth gets a bit trampled by the peat which ends up balancing things out. The finish is great!!! It’s not well-aged but again the peat comes to the rescue and makes everything seem richer. Not a super complicated whisky overall, but solid and very easy to dwell on.


Now, before people send me an imperial shit ton of hate mail about how I should be nicer to Chick-fil-A, you should know I also dislike NASCAR and think people who don’t put cheese in their grits are animals, but if you have any favorite fast-food/whisky pairing leave them in the comments below! Cheers and happy eating!

Thank you to the team over at Westland for the samples!

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